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SSIEGE Meteora

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レイドバックでモダンなアンビエント。YOUTHからのアルバム「Fading Summer」に続いて、SSIEGEの新作「Meteora」。

ミラノのUN.T.O. RECORDSからデビュー、伊LA BEAUTÉ DU NÉGATIFのオムニバスにも参加、DJ LYSTER 主宰のYOUTHからアルバムをリリースしているSSIEGEのニューリリース。アナログなエレクトロニックビート、ビートレスも交えながら5曲のAmbient Works。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Il Re Delle Mandorle (4:56)sample
A2.Nebbia Spugna (3:13)sample
B1.Dune (3:09)sample
B2.Il Peso (4:01)sample
B3.Meteora (3:16)sample

SSIEGE have struck our non-linear world again with Meteora, the follow-up to the breathtaking 2019 cassette release Fading Summer, on Youth. Its elusiveness might be its biggest strength. Indicating a genre is a lost cause. Any description locating it safely inside well-defined boundaries falls flat. Neither analogue or digital, neither old or contemporary, these 5 tracks evoke an androgynous world that is at once open and veiled. A place where presence and absence and weightlessness and gravity are simultaneous. Bathing in colorful light, this record is like a slightly melancholic dream able to usher in a new day or soundtrack the last rays of sunlight



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