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ARTICULAT Folclor Abstract

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  • AM (HOL)
  • 07PM
  • 12inch
  • 2090 yen (税込)
AFROBOT達によるオランダ、ロッテルダムのエディットレーベルAMからARTICULATの2作目。ルーマニアの民族楽器やダンス、映画などの文化的遺産にインスパイアされているという「Folclor Abstract」EP。80sのDIYな実験音楽/インダストリアルがワールドミュージックにアプローチしたようなサウンド。

A1はルーマニアの歴史映画「Buzduganul cu trei peceți」(1977年)のためにコーネリア・タウトゥが作曲した曲にインスピレーションを得たもの。ルーマニアの様々な地域の伝統的な楽器やリズムを試行しながら追求したという「Doba lu' Braga」は、ルーマニアのドラムパターンをモダンにアレンジしたもので、伝統的なモルダヴィアのドラム(dobă)で演奏されてるそうです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Buzduganul Cu Trei Pecețisample
A2.Dans Cu Balanssample
B1.Doba Lu' Bragasample

Inspired from Romanian cultural heritage, be it film, dance or musical instruments, Folclor Abstract is a glance back to the roots in search of a meaningful future.

The first track is inspired from the soundtrack composed by Cornelia Tăutu for the Romanian historical adventure film “Buzduganul cu trei peceți” (1977). The film presents a politicized version of the events that led in 1600 to the unification of the three Romanian countries, in the aftermath of a victorious battle against the Ottoman invasion (Călugăreni, 1595). Dance your way through as the story unfolds.

Dans cu balans is the result of a personal fascination for the cimbalom, an instrument of high versatility, frequently used in the Romanian fiddle music. In contrast to orchestral performances, which adhere to the composer’s notes to reproduce a work faithfully, fiddling is also open to improvisation and tends to produce rhythms that focus on dancing, with associated quick note changes.

Searching for inspiration within Romanian folklore, I found Ivan Braga who was on his own pursuit of cultural heritage, experimenting with a variety of traditional instruments and rhythms from different regions of the country. Doba lu’ Braga is Ivan’s modern take on Romanian drum patterns performed on a traditional Moldavian drum (dobă) with an uplifting twist and arrangement for the dancefloor experience.

Reverie is an expression of the creator’s state of mind. Lost in thought, stolen by imagination, haunted by memories, liberated by dreams.



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