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IDJUT BOYS ダンと、STUPID HUMANのコラヴォレーション。UGLY MUSICからの12インチ。入荷しました。NU GROOVE的ですが、ミキシング、エフェクト、偏執狂なダブワークのこだわり。流石です。

DAN TAYLERと、STUPID HUMAN、HUGH MANE等の名義でリリースしている、MARK GILBERTの二人がCAVE DWELLERS名義で12インチリリース。NU GROOVEなどのアーリーハウスややMAF FRIDAY等のプロハウス的なアプローチをベースに、シンセサイザー+マシーンビート+ダブワーク。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Word Is Outsample
A2.Six Eighteensample
B1.Seven Oh Sevensample
B2.Primal Pipessample

Cave Dwellers is a new musical collaboration between Nordic settlers Dan Tyler (of the notorious Idjut Boys) and Mark Gilbert (Hugh Mane). This, their first E.P., is a deep exploration into the origins of house, reminiscent of early Nu-Groove, proving that classic sounds don’t age; a future classic in the making.

Selected DJ Feedback:

Per Bojsen-Moller | per silverbeat:
“This is so phenomenally good, it hurts. Not too surprising given the individuals behind it, but this safely has retro instant classic stamped all over it. Let's hope this is just the start on the collaboration for the Cave Dwellers”

Bruce Tantum:
“Oh yes, this is quite nice and the Nu-Groove comparison is apt - nicely emotive and melodic, with that kind of spectral arrangement that sounds as good now as it did then. But even without the Nu-Groove analogy, this stands out as good 'ol, beautifully-rendered deep house.”

Bill Brewster:
“Really cool, like Word Is Out and Primal Pipes in paricular.”

Steve Owen
“As an Idjut's super fan, how could this be anything but essential!”

Stuart Patterson:
“Definitely reminding me of classic Nu Groove, dead good and proper deep, will try to include on faith show next week”

Mr Beatnick:
“nicely produced and arranged and does remind me of nu groove in a respectful tribute kinda way.”

Jaye ward:
“massive fan of ugly music!!! wicked return.. super deep and ace”

Ben Fester:
“great team up and nice to see the return of ugly”

Simon Harrison:
“this takes me back to 95 when I first heard U-Star records. That bassline on "Word Is Out"...oooooft”



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