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12年間に渡り活動してきたスペインのRayko主宰のディスコレーベルRARE WIRIのリリース100番を記念したEPリリース。

Dj Rocca、Mushrooms Project/ ERIC DUNCAN、とレーベル主RYKO。4アーチストによるオムニバス。ERIC DUNCANによる、スペースムーヴィー、ジョン・カーペンターなんかのヴィンテージ・SF映画へのオマージュのようなサイケデリック・スペーストリップ、スロートランス「Suan Wu」。いいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Dj Rocca – Mausysample
A2.Eric Duncan - Suan Wusample
B1.Mushrooms Project - A Wicked Drawsample
B2.Rayko - Space Tripsample

After 12 years in the game, Spanish nu-disco stable have reached the 100-release milestone, and they're celebrating with this vinyl sampler of the digital compilation. Includes 4 cuts by Dj Rocca, Eric Duncan, Mushrooms Project, and Rayko, putting the emphasis on heavily electronic grooves with a dark and leftfield twist.

DJ Feedback:

Ray Mang: Cool EP! Four tracks from four friends! All good!!

Fabrizio Mammarella: Great Ep! Especially digging Dj Rocca and Mushrooms Project tracks, amongst my favourite italians out there!

Ilija Rudman: I love DJ Rocca's song . Mausy is up to my taste. Very nice sleazy funk bass line, amazing synth work. Good to see Rare Wiri passing a test of time.

Pete Herbert: Thanks so much for sending through.. MAUSY track sounds amazing!! A classy smooth groover sat amongst good friends at the birthday party! Pass me the tequila!



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