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TRU FAITH / ABOUT 2 Glamourize EP

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2000年前後のGARAGEシーンで活躍したTRU FAITH、復活作。オールドスクールなガラージ・テイスト。すでにRINSE FM、 KISS FM、Centreforce FMなど海賊ラジオを前身としているFMでヘヴィープレイされてるという触れ込みもイギリスらしいです。

SPEED GARAGE 前夜のUK 90s GARAGE HOUSEなオールドスクールなテイストななんともグッド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Tru Faith - Myselfsample
B1.About 2 - Beautifulsample

The past few years have seen UKG come right back around with a host of new producers and legendary heads alike, laying down 2 step heaters and 4x4 rollers to satisfy the appetite of the garage crew out there. Certified royalty, Tru Faith and About 2 are no exception, back in the studio and taking either side of this 12 inch for a double dose of sweet swung, US tinged garage gold, that will be sure to cause back to back wheel ups in the dance.

Already getting heavy plays on Kiss, Rinse, Flex, Centreforce alongside a bunch of the other pirate and underground stations, you know this ones gonna be good.



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