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NICOLAS JAAR Space Is Only Noise (Ten Year Edition) 2

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NICOLAS JAARが2011年に放ち当時RAでのアルバム・オフ・ジ・イヤーなどにも選出された「Space Is Only Noise」が180g ブライック・バイナル。ダブルパック・45回転の仕様でアナログ再発。10年代のエレクトロニック屈指の人気作の実力を是非。クレイジー。

異例のヒットとなったNICOLAS JAAR2011年のアルバム「Space Is Only Noise」。奇妙に歪んだ、実験的で、空想的、エレクトロニック時代の傑作。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Être (4:49)sample
A2.Colomb (3:22)sample
A3.Sunflower (0:48)sample
A4.Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust (3:28)sample
A5.Keep Me There (5:21)sample
B1.Problem With the Sun (3:35)sample
B2.Space Is Only Noise If You Can See (5:42)sample
B3.Almost Fell (2:32)sample
B4.Balance Her in Between Your Eyes (3:45)sample
B5.Specters of the Future (1:58)sample
B6.Trace (0:23)sample
B7.Variations (3:21)sample
B8.^tre (2:56)sample

It has been 10 years since Nicolas Jaar released his celebrated debut album, Space Is Only Noise here on Circus Company. With countless accolades, forays, and dips into other waters both preceding its arrival one decade ago and since with many musical ventures this LP still stands as not only a unique and verified-classic release in the artist’s own expansive catalog as well as ours, but also amongst the general pantheon of electronic music of the 21st Century on the whole.

What better way to celebrate this milestone than with an immaculate must-have re-release package, with the music now spread out over double discs and cut at 45rpm on crystal clear vinyl and 180 gram black vinyl to let the glacial top-end soar as originally intended, and the air of the general proceedings expand, once again, into the ears and consciousness of electronic music lovers the world over. Along with this technical upgrade recut, the distinct artwork has also received a facelift fit for the occasion, and will now be found adorning a full gatefold cover, inked lovingly in reverse on inside-out heavyweight paper including printed inner sleeves for a total collector’s gem front-to-back.

While Nicolas Jaar’s own recent online musings of the origin of the album title and lead track has us imagining playful plexiglass-letterings and a fresh sense of abstract calm before soon-to-be career storms, the music itself feels to have not aged a day past its prime of creation. From the unanimous crowdpleaser “Colomb” to “Keep Me There” indeed doing just that, with Jaar keeping us right where he left us last go-round, to the luminous titular track “Space Is Only Noise If You Can See" and omni-prophesy of “Specters Of The Future” - please join us in a warm welcoming return to this universally acclaimed classic LP, which garnered coveted spots in both RA’s Album Of The Year and Pitchfork’s Top 20 in 2011, now in its unmissable pristine new vinyl form, sounding as fresh as ever, a solid 10 years later.



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