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TIME IS AWAY Fable of the Bees

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1.Fables of the Bees

CD version of Fable of the Bees tape from 2020.

"The piece was originally commissioned by Black Tower Projects as part of our exhibition with them last February. It was the first time we experimented with creating a piece full of spoken text and then making a version in which we erased it all to leave just the sound and music behind. The idea was that it might create something more stretched out and open whilst still leaving a trace of the original meaning and intention. Something to listen to and drift through. The exhibition seems a very long time ago now, for obvious reasons, and instrumental version is what remains. We hope you enjoy it. "

Time is Away



  1. ページにある試聴ボタンをクリックすると、自動的に音が流れます。自動的に音が鳴らない場合は、プレイヤーの再生ボタンをクリックして下さい。
  2. 試聴中の曲の詳細を知りたい場合や購入したい場合は、プレイヤー内のタイトルをクリックすると、試聴を保持したまま、詳細ページへ移動します。