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AJ & THE JIGGAWATTS Wrong Step b/w Karma Is A Bitch'

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USナッシュビルのRAW GARAGE FUNK、アーリーIGGY POP、STOOGESなんかも彷彿させます。ドラムとミキシングのせいで、根底にブルースがあるせいかな。シンガーAJ Eason と JIGGAWATTS。かっこいい。

テネシーの〈G.E.D. SOUL RECORDS〉を拠点に、〈COLEMINE〉からもリリースしているAJ & THE JIGGAWATTS。ニューレーベル〈MONEY MOUSE RECORDS〉からのEP。同じく〈COLEMINE〉からもリリースするTHE GRIPSWEATSやDEROBERT & THE HALF-TRUTHSやMAGIC IN THREES,などG.E.D. SOULの仲間達同様にダーティーで、スウェッティーな南部ファンク・キラーなサウンド。 (サイトウ)

AJ & the Jiggawatts deliver another crispy-fried slab of southern funk and soul. It’s been about 4 years since their last offering, an exercise in heaviness in the way of a 7” on Colemine Records. Now, the crew returns with a new slice of soul on guitarist Andrew Muller’s brand new raw-funk boutique label, Money Mouse Records. “Karma Is a Bitch” is the rough and tough deep funk side we’ve been waiting for. Signature sly funk vibes trade licks with a sense of existential dread, all while staying incredibly danceable. AJ’s gruff, whiskey burnt vocal performance gives the track the push it needs to go over the edge into mind-meltingly funky territory. “Wrong Step” is another hype/uptempo dance floor killer complete with call and response breakdown. There’s some crazy sonic manipulation happening here on top of the always solid rhythm section. Breakneck speed guitar chucking meets percussive horn blasts. It’s a groove that borders on anarchy, and it comes at you fast. Any downtime for AJ and company has definitely been used wisely, and they’ve returned sharper, heavier, and deadlier than ever. Equally super-heavy funk is found on both sides of this record, don’t miss it cause it just don’t quit. Get it on Money Mouse this summer.



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