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VARIOUS - DJ Harvey Dj Harvey Is The Sound Of Mercury Rising Volumen Tres

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イビザ島、数々の伝説を残すミュージックスポットPIKES HOTELプレゼンツ。MONDAY NIGHTのレジデンツDJ HARVEYのオフィシャル・セレクション「The Sound Of Mercury Rising)」のアナログ盤!

▼ Tracklisting

A1.MODE - Lo-Fi Odyssey (Stallions Remix)sample
A2.Georgie Red - We'll Work It Out
B1.Peter Jacques Band - Mighty Fine
B2.Mozaika - Never See You Againsample
B3.Pino Presti ft. Roxy Robinson - You Know Why [Disco Version]
C1.Twice Of Love - 24 Hours From Culturesample
C2.Backbeat Convention - Love And Happiness [Quartz Ddub All Over Mix)sample
D1.Chris & Cosey - Exotica [12" Mix]
D2.Tavares - I Wanna See You Soon
D3.Brass Construction - Now Is Tomorrow [Anticipation]

In The face of adverse clubbing conditions the irrepressible deejay harvey releases volume three of the mercury rising compilation triptych. Representing what could’ve been and what shall be in the hallowed hall which is Freddys nightclub pikes Ibiza in the future.

Put it on, turn it up, feel the magic till we meet again.



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