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DJ YOGURTもラインアップに名を連ねる国内注目のニューレーベルAMIDST。第1弾。COSMIC JD。サイファイ、アシッド、ねじれた不思議な世界観。面白いです。

BLKMARKET MUSICからのPAYPHONE名義、ルーマニアのVARMEやベルリンのSUBSEQUENT等でリリースする、カナダ、トロントで活動する南米コロンビア出身のプロデューサーCOSMIC JD。ファンク+コズミック、アシッド・ブレイクビーツ、じわじわユニーク「Huddle」筆頭にねじれた感じ、オールドスクールさとリズミックな巧みさ、クオリティーの高さでじっくり引き込まれる推薦盤。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.Wellness Insomniasample
B1.A Media Nochesample
B2.Glacier Rocksteadysample
B3.Swell & Revolvesample

New Japanese label “amidst” debut EP by up-and-coming Colombian-born Canadian producer and DJ, Cosmic JD. The first title from the new label’s international artist series also features Brazilian artist Aline Setton for the stunning cover art. The music stands somewhere amidst solid Techno with a Garage twist, cosmic funky Deep House, trippy Downtempo and epic Ambient. Cosmic JD takes you on a journey in one record with his recent creations with the hardware style composing tricks.

Cosmic JD is a Colombian-born Producer and DJ based in Toronto, Canada. Highly regarded as a key player in the underground house and techno community both in the city and abroad. JD has received a quick notoriety with his records on Seekers, Subsequent, Melcure, Variable and his most recent on Varme. A talent behind the decks, in the studio, and behind the scenes, JD’s drive, skills and continued commitment to the underground make him an artist to keep watch on.



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