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CLAIRE ROUSAY 17 Roles (All Mapped Out)

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2019年以降精力的にリリースを展開、個人的には2020年の〈SECOND EDITIONS〉からの「Both」で出会って以降最も気になっている音楽家の一人CLAIRE ROUSAY。SHELTER PRESSからのカセットリリースです。

SHELTER PRESSから間も無くアナウンスされるという正式なアルバムの先行となるようなリリースだそうです。とはいえ「17 Roles (All Mapped Out)」。精密に立てた17のロール。というタイトルどおり、様々なフィールドレコーディング、情景と、正弦波のドローン、彼女の言葉、ハープ、弦楽器、終盤には、アコースティックギターも挿入され、夢中の短編映画のような、ストーリーや世界観が喚起される。静かに豊かで美しい音の世界。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.17 Roles (All Mapped Out) (24:24)sample
B.17 Roles (All Mapped Out) (24:24)

claire rousay debuts on Shelter Press with a stunning configuration of her unique dream cartography, weaving field recordings and voice notes with layered strings and synth work for a heartstopping deployment of ambient intimacy.

Preceding a debut album proper for the label due soon, '17 roles (All Mapped Out)’ takes us on a journey from a ringing railroad crossing and domestic rustle, thru quietly glorious inner landscapes and into reverberating x pastoral strings and lambent pads that coalesce to attune the ear to claire’s aural purview with half-heard riffs on friends, life in the digital realm, and the afterlife. Set to the slightest but most transfixing shifts in tone and texture that possess an incredible capacity to bring you to tears, often unexpectedly, her everyday sounds are magnified to gently distort their meaning and heighten their sensuality, effectively glimpsing the firmament from far away in a sort of waking dream gaze.

As with claire’s myriad releases during the past few years, her music’s low-key treatise on loneliness, friendship and existentialism has uncannily come into its own this year, appealing to atomised souls seeking connection thru music. This one in particular feels to strongly capture and characterise a mix of fleeting and torpid emotions in a way that evokes the passage of time and the fragile sense of place in the world like nothing else you’ll hear on the scene, like a rare orchid poking out from the crumbling facade of ambient convention.



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