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THE IDEALIST Cosmic Music For Higher And Lower Awareness

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スウェーデン・アンダーグラウンドの要所BÖRFT RECORDSを主宰するJOACHIM NORDWALLによるプロジェクトTHE IDEALIST。幻覚的なコラージュのアシッド・サウンド!

Höga Nord Rekordsからの2NDフル・アルバム。TB-303、アシッドをベースに、オブスキュアなサウンド・ガイダンス、サイケデリックワールド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Universal Lover (10:02)
A2.Elevation Dub (6:02)
A3.23 Dead (6:28)
B1.War Chant (4:14)
B2.High Times (5:16)
B3.Animal Man  (6:48)
B4.Mind Dub (5:08)

The music on this full-length record by The Idealist, released on Höga Nord Rekords could work as a soundtrack for a Voodoo-horror-movie. It´s creepy acid-driven sound, often with a 303 as the centrepiece of the rhythm, is the kind that you´d expected to being chased in a maze of trees to.

Something threatening lies in The Idealists second release on the label. His Leftfield/techno is both a dark cold electronic adventure with metallic percussions, both a distorted image of a vengeful nature; a forest working as a single entity to find and feed on human souls.

Just like contemporary acts like Ramadanman and Appleblim, The Idealist contributes and develops a sophisticated yet primal branch of modern, uncompromising electronic music.



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