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Toy TonicsのCODY CURRIE がROSEBUD REcordings主宰、DJ プロデューサーでシンガーのELIZA ROSEとコラヴォレーション。

DAN SHAKE主宰のShakeより。Róisín Murphyも彷彿させるヴォーカルをフィーチャリングした2曲プラス、A-SIDEはDAN SHAKEのリミックス、B-SIDEはCodyもヴォーカルをとっておりオリジナルとダブバージョンの2バージョン収録。リズムの多層感など今のハウスらしい魅力。推薦。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Flame (05:12)sample
A2.Flame (Dan Shake Broken mix) (05:11)sample
B1.Another Love (04:48)sample
B2.Another Love (Midnight dub) (05:32)sample


Four timeless tracks each with their own mood, Cody’s hard hitting rhythms and rich chords are elevated by Eliza’s seductive vocal hooks. Dan Shake rounds off the package with a broken beat remix of title track ‘Flame’.

Cody Currie comes through with another EP that exhibits his deftness in working with Eliza Rose’s signature vocals. The pair immediately turned heads earlier this year with their debut collaborative single ‘Moves’, which came out on Toy Tonics, and received high praise from Rolling Stone, 6 Music, Worldwide FM, and Radio 1. Dan Shake was another head instantly hooked in by ‘Moves’, and having admired Cody and Eliza respectively as individual artists for a long time, he knew it was time to sign them on Shake.

“You instantly know a Cody release when you hear it and I just love his jazzy, laid back style” explains Dan. Introduced to Eliza’s music a while back, Dan “instantly fell in love with her voice. I knew I somehow needed to get them both involved with Shake, and I’m hyped to have a collaboration early on in what seems to be set to be a long standing collaborative journey between them”

Eliza’s jazz infused tones embody the signature sound that multi-instrumentalist and producer Cody has crafted for himself on labels like Razor n Tape, Classic Music Company, and Toy Tonics. He’s a next generation producer connecting the dots between jazz, soul, house, garage and broken beats.

DJ/Producer, vocalist and Rinse FM radio host Eliza Rose has been writing and singing since the age of 15. Paying homage is something at the forefront of Eliza’s artistry, which is apparent in her monthly Vinyl Factory Live series, and the lyrics to title track ‘Flame’ are a nod to Gwen McCrea’s ‘Keep The Fire Burning’.

Four tracks each with their own mood, ‘Flame’ is one for the clubs, you’ll hear Cody’s vocal complement Eliza’s on ‘Another Lover’ which also has a stripped back Midnight Dub version, and Dan rounds off the package with a broken beat remix. A genre you don’t hear much of from Dan, but a scene he was highly influenced by in the mid 2000’s living in North London.



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