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THE FRENZIED BRICKS (Can I) Bridge The Gap/Entropy

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メルボルンの音楽シーンのキーマン、Michael Kucyk主宰のNOISE IN MY HEADのレーベル〈EFFICIENT SPACE〉からリミッテッドの7インチ再発。

ほとんど知られることのなかったオーストラリア、アデーレードのデュオTHE FRENZIED BRICKS。地元のコミュニティラジオ局5MMMに送り、40年間奇跡的に保管されていた音源をEFFICIENT SPACEが発掘。ビートボックス、TR-808 、dual bass、アイロニカルなヴォーカルスタイル。NEU!や、NEW ORDERからの影響を窺わせるさせるニューウェイヴ、エクスペリメンタル。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

1.(Can I) Bridge The Gapsample

Crossing over to Adelaide, odd wave minor players The Frenzied Bricks completely bypassed the history books with indifference. This madcap union of school friends Chris Merchant and David McCarthy cut void-entering motorik and weirdo monologues in bedrooms and suburban rehearsal studios. Rumoured to be an individual, they never bothered to disprove the gossip with live perfor-mance. They did however submit aspiring demos to community radio station 5MMM, where they were fortuitously stored for four decades.

The 7” marks the non-band’s debut release, combining two should-be classics from the vault. ‘(Can I) Bridge The Gap’ apathetically tunnels with Neu! Order energy, dual bass and McCarthy’s laconic vocal delivery, while their only instrumental ‘Entropy’ calls in guitarist and unofficial Brick Dave Warren to send the TR-808 into the stratosphere. Unknown until now, this is down under synth-wave at it’s fin-est.

The Frenzied Bricks is pressed in an edition of 327 hand stamped white labels, wrapped in white ink printed coloured card.



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