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スペインのベテラン・プロデューサーNACHO MARCOとヴォーカルリストGAREN MORENOのプロジェクトJET HAMMERの新作がRUNNING BACKから12インチリリース。

中性的なヴォーカル・スタイル、80sのScritti PolittiやPet Shop Boys、ニューロマンティックスを現在に蘇らせたような「She Knows」で、昨年Bodies In MotionからデビューしたJET HAMMERの新作がRUNNING BACKから。ユーロディスコ、ハイエナジー回帰な傾向が強くなってきているROBERT JOHNSON周辺の流れに決定的なシンセサイザーディスコ/テクノポップ。抑制されながらじわじわとエクスタティック、パーフェクトなシンセサイザーのプロダクションのオリジナルと、THE CUREを彷彿させると紹介されている1981バージョン。B-SIDEの2曲もクオリティー高い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Last Nightsample
A2.Last Night (1981 Version)sample
B1.How We Startedsample
B2.On Your Side (Instrumental Version)sample

Techno pop dance music incoming! Pretty much 10 years after its debut with the „She Knows EP“, Jet Hammer – the collaborative project of seasoned producer Nacho Marco and trusted vocalist Garen Moreno – finally expand its horizon with new songs. The Last Night EP sees the valued tradition of the extended dance mix gets rejuvenated, readjusted and reprised. Recorded between Warm Studio in Valecia and Chief’s Peak Studio in California, with influences ranging from the avant-garde fusion of Tuxedomoon to the groove of the Pet Shop Boys and the subsequent fashion that became Acid House (the UK definition, of course), the EP is home to four tracks that are cut from the same cloth.
Last Night sounds modern on the main mix and like a lost The Cure demo on the 1981 version, it’s hard to resist in either version. How We Started develops the thought into something of a power ballad and last, but not least, the instrumental version of On Your Side delivers the sugarless dessert for allergic subjects. Halcyon dance hall days ahead!



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