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MARTIN GEORGI 9 to 5 Is Killing Me

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サンプリング・ベースのユニークなハウス、〈Quiet Elegance〉の旧作を捕獲。主宰のMartin Georgi。

ベルリンのハウス、ビートダウンシーンの中核を担うOye Recordsの〈Oye Black Label〉シリーズに参加、Oyeで販売されたMartin Georgiのレーベル〈Quiet Elegance〉がワールドワイドに流通になりました。MPCサンプラーベースのヒップホップのスピリットで組み上げたユニークなハウス、コラージュ・サウンドのエンターテイメント。 (サイトウ)

Two sample-based deep house tracks that demonstrate playful and inventive MPC usage plus a keen ear for a dusty hook! Subtle and sexy, it finds the producer adding to the strong legacy of MPC constructed house tracks and holds its own against luminaries such as Theo Parrish, Garth Be & FYI Chris.
"In 2018 many requests came from all corners of the world if I had more unreleased material. Unfortunately a lot of it was washed away by everyday life and the past, hard drives and memory cards that stopped working long ago.... etc... Finally I got myself together and decided to re-record the dream of creating music, so the final result in 2018 was my EP "9 TO 5 IS KILLING ME" The title should make people realize how you feel as an artist when you stray from the creative path and get lost in a daily job.
The selection of the samples also played an important role, they should give strength to those who have lost the power to resist and healing creativity. No matter what kind of injustice has happened to them. Because the source of the samples had in its original form a kindred goal, the music should give courage and strength to a certain social group, a musical sanctuary that I tried to adapt energetically."

Thank you for supporting my creative ways,
Martin Georgi



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