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PAUS PAUS (141201)

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HNNYをリリースしているスウェーデンのレーベルOMENAからミステリアスアーチストPAUS ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ。

HNNYのアルバムもリリースしたLOCAL TALKのTOBIAS LIDSTROM主宰のストックホルムのレーベルOMENAから2015年初頭に10INCH LTDでリリースしたミステリアス・アーチストPAUS ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔの第2弾!LTD 150とのことです。 (サイトウ)

reached the end. This is as far as the story tells the final recording by the artist(s) that kickstarted the Omena LTD series with the mini-album '1' early 2015. Back in 1992, after extensive recording sessions, several releases albums that never pleased the major label and touring that led the members to become less friends and more enemies an unanimous decision led the members to put everything on hold. The final track ever recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio was 'Paus' or as the late South African-born American recording engineer Phil Ramone described it - their masterpiece. Listening back to the session it's evident the band was heading in a new direction, heavily inspired by Daniel Lanois and Sonia Pottinger. The use of horns, the synth bass and the way the drummer ties everything together is exceptional. Due to the success with the two previous releases on OMLTD, the band decided to give the recording to Tooli but not only that, they also re-recorded some parts late 2014 (hence the name 141201). What you have here is something truly special and may or may not be the comeback everyone is waiting for.



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