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SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL Trustindigikal / Ifuwantme

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〈DIGITALIS〉や〈BOOMARM NATION〉からのリリースでもお馴染みのSEEKERS INTERNATIONAL。サウス・ロンドンのニューレーベルから7インチ。

SKRS NEW ! スペーシー&ユニーク、クレイジーなデジタル・ダブTrustInDigikalと、IfUWantMeのフレーズがマントラのように浮遊するコンピューターライズドなLOVERS ROCK。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.TrustInDigikal (3:06)sample
B.IfUWantMe (3:06)sample

Their 7inch debut on Bokeh Versions finds SKRS in a woozy mood. IfUWantMe is a warped interpolations of classic lovers rock vibes. SKRS launches lovers into another dimension with a distant gyaldem chanting mantras over ruffneck lows. TrustInDigikal is an archival track rescued from cosmic limbo. Sparse dub abstractions and alien gurgles battle with clipped samples to a synthonic conclusion.



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