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A1.The Night The Screaming Stops (Opening Titles)sample
A2.Opetanie 1sample
A3.Meeting With A Pink Tiesample
A4.Opetanie 2sample
A5.Anna Rewards Marksample
A6.Possesion - Orchestral Theme 1
A7.Kreuzberg 1
A8.Opetanie 3
A9.Mark Looks In The Fridgesample
A10.Heinrick's Demise
A11.Opetanie 4
A12.Possession - Orchestral Theme 2*
A13.Blue Ford B-AZ6
A14.Helen Has Green Eyes
B1.Opetanie 5sample
B2.Bloody Embracesample
B3.Kreuzberg 2sample
B4.Detective's Dessertssample
B5.Kreuzberg 3sample
B6.Kreuzberg 4sample
B7.The Night The Screaming Stops (Tempo)sample
B8.Mark Formulates A Plansample
B9.Mark Sees Everythingsample
B10.Closely Observered Annasample
B11.Opetanie 6sample
B12.What Is It?sample
B13.The Man With The Pink Sockssample



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