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PEAKING LIGHTS The Fifth State Of Consciousness

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USインディーサイケデリア。PEAKING LIGHTSのニューアルバム!

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Dreaming Outside (6:51) sample
A2. Coyote Ghost Melodies (7:17) sample
A3. Everytime I See the Light (6:12) sample
B1. I'll Be In the Sky (4:08) sample
B2. Love Can Move Mountains (5:33) sample
B3. Sweetness Isn't Far Away (10:25) sample
C1. Que Du Bon (5:42) sample
C2. A Phoenix And A Fish (6:24) sample
C3. Eclipse Of The Heart (6:55) sample
D1. In My Disguise (5:04) sample
D2. Put Down Your Guns (7:32) sample
D3. Wild Paradise (6:56) sample

Their 5th album titled, "The Fifth State Of Consciousness", is a double LP produced in Peaking Lights Dreamfuzz studio over the last two years. It's both a departure from the new and a return to the old with a whole new twist on the psychedelic dub-pop they've become know for. Self released...from the heart! Gatefold Sleeve. BIG TIP!
Sonically the double album shifts through many states from beginning to end, resonating deep, like a drive thru foreign landscapes where you're glued to the window as everything slowly changes around you. The flow and pacing of songs has a sense of
wonderment and each time you play it there's a whole new batch of lovely sounds and eccentricities within each of the players. While bringing together their love of Psychedelic music, House, Electronic and Reggae each song manages to live it's own life and yet still there is some magical thread that binds them together.

Produced by Aaron Coyes, the whole creative process was filled with nerdy gadgetry, playful experimentation and deep alchemical soul searching for a musical medicine. Aaron describes Dreamfuzz as 'a small junkyard with many happy mistakes'. Using tape
machines, writing melodies backwards then playing them in reverse, layering sound upon sound to create 'pads', literally breaking electronics to get sounds, and a strict motto of 'anything goes, pure creativity'. Most sounds were run thru Peaking Lights' 1976 16/8
Soundcraft Series Two mixing console (the same type of board used by Lee 'Scratch' Perry at Black Ark, and at the infamous Cargo Studios where many of the early Factory Records bands were recorded) to add some 'mojo'. It's an album that is sure to be a
creeper even if you don't fall in love on the first date.



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