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BASS/グライム、エクスペリメンタルを跨ぐブリストルの重要レーベル〈NO CORNER〉からGIANT SWANのROBIN STEWARTのカセット。ストックしてます!

〈TIMEDANCE〉からのリリースしているTECHNO NOT TECHNOなブリストルのデュオGIANT SWANのROBIN STEWARTのカセットリリース。ストックしています。 (サイトウ)

Robin Stewart debuts his solo material on the 13th NoCorner cassette – Raw, psychedelic pieces of sound art in the forms of the 28 minute 'And Then' and it's counterpart 'Ominous Bath'.

Robin is our long time peer and by no means a new figure in Bristol's art & electronic scenes, having recently taken his acute techno punk to the world as one half of Giant Swan, whilst continuing to break up borders between electronic and live music with The Naturals band, as well as creating artwork for a number of exhibitions and commissions such as El Kid's Labyrinths EP (one of our first releases back in 2012) as well as the cover for this release.

Fitting somewhere in between musique concrete, drone and, in his own words 'the sounds that emanate from living in blissful solitude', we found that these descriptions weren't enough, and the best way to experience this music, was… Well, to experience it.

So we sent one of our explorers down the hole…

They returned after a while, with these words recorded into their Tascam:



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