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MOOD HUTや1080P周辺とも繋がるバンクーバーの〈PACIFIC RHYTHM〉ニューリリース!S.M.P. aka SLIM MEDIA PLAYER.

「Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 3」にA-SIDE2曲を提供したSLIM MEDIA PLAYERと〈PACIFIC RHYTHM〉の中心的存在DJ D.DEEとのプロダクション。D.I.Y.、ユニークで熱いハードウェア・ダンス、ライブジャム!これもじっくり素晴らしい。ボトムも太い、ベースミュージック。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

B1.Memory Bias (Nostalgia Mix)sample

"Slim Media Player returns to Pacific Rhythm with a wonderfully original EP, Quicksand, his first new material since 2016’s Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 3. The EP is the product of Slim Media Player & DJ D.DEE culling through 20+ hours of live jams recorded in Vancouver at Deep Blue Studios from 2016 to 2018.

The EP opens with the records namesake Quicksand, a playful piece of peak-time material that’s quirky, uplifting, and dare we say a touch heart-warming. Mouthfeel comes through swinging but plays a touch more koi than the opener, serving as an effective tension-builder on the dancefloor that builds into a thoughtful groover with some light at the end of tunnel.

On the b-side S.M.P explores deeper territory with Memory Bias (Nostalgia Mix), an aquatic roller blanketed with warmth and a contemplative aire that stretches for nearly 9 minutes. The EP fades out with the gentle drift of Tschüs, a warm swaddle that will quell your anxieties and affirm that there are indeed some things that are right in this world, this track being one of them."



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