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チープな打ち込み、鍵盤、カシオトーンの妙味、JOEの歌の個性、コーラスやトランペット。全てが最高すぎる名曲「Wild Dream」筆頭に、なんとも魅力的甘いDIYサウンド。89年の隠れた名盤が発掘されました!

「Wild Dream」をコンピレーションに収録し世に送りだしたNOISE IN MY HEADのレーベル〈EFFICIENT SPACE〉サポートのもと、USニュージャージーのイタリア系アメリ人のシンガーJOE TOSSINIが89年にリリースしたカルトな一枚が再発!バンドのAND FRIENDSには、FANIA ALLSTARSに在籍し、M.A.W.のヒットでも知られるTITO PUENTEとINDIAの「To Be In Love」の作曲でも知られるJOEY LATTANZIたち凄腕のミュージシャンたちとアトランタのナイトクラブで出会い、セッションから発展した録音。僕はもう一曲目「If I Should Fall In Love」(sample2)がたまりません。最高すぎる。一家に一枚の大名盤。是非!! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.If I Should Fall In Love (4:01)sample
A2.I'm In Love With An Angel (4:02)sample
A3.Sincerita (4:28)
A4.Sulla Luna (4:00)sample
B1.Tomorrow May Never Come (4:55)
B2.Lady Of Mine (3:54)sample
B3.Wild Dream (4:25)sample

Lady of Mine is the 1989 debut LP by self-made Italian-American Joe Tossini. An astoundingly honest, passionate record of cosmopolitan lounge music, he willed this charming suburban oddity into existence without any formal musical training. Sicilian by birth, Tossini drifted around the world between Italy, Germany and Canada, before finally settling in New Jersey. After the passing of his mother and the breakdown of a second marriage, an anxious and depressed Tossini took to songwriting as a form of therapy, crafting disarmingly candid lyrics from his extraordinary life and loves. Whatever industry savvy or musical virtuosity he lacked was made up for by unflinching resourcefulness and infectious charisma. Befriending bandleader Peppino Lattanzi at local club The Rickshaw Inn, he was encouraged to animate his singular songs with an ambitious cast of 9 players and 5 backing vocalists, sincerely credited as his Friends. The Atlantic City basement sessions are a low budget, high romance testament to Tossini’s character and the power of positive thinking. From the defiant, Casiotone samba of If I Should Fall In Love, to Wild Dream’s dizzying escapism and the native tongue croons of Sulla Luna and Sincerita, Lady Of Mine hums with the inimitable magic of a true original. Piercing the heart with an effectively sparse combination of humming keys, CompuRhythm drums, horn flourishes and backing divas, ample room was left for Tossini to frankly deliver h



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