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LOOP LF Natural XT (Martsman Remix)

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様々なDJに支持された2018年の1ST EPに続いて〈WELL STREET〉LOOP LFの第2弾!今作もLEON VYNEHALL、BEN UFO, PEVEREST, MIDLAND, PARRISやYAKもそれぞれの曲にフィードバックを寄せています。

LONDONの〈WELL STREET〉からLOOP LFのニューリリース。ユニークリズムのダビーな不思議な感触の「Terra」で幕開け、低めのダブワイズBASS/2STEP「Always NV」やNatural XT。実験的なドラミンベースシーンをベースに昨年は〈HIDDEN HAWAII〉からのアルバム・リリースしたMartsmanのリミックスB2(sample2)も注目されてます。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

2.Always NVsample
1.Natural XTsample
2.Always NV (Martsman remix)sample

After kicking things off in 2017, Loop LF returns to Well Street bringing his unique sound design, broken rhythms and deep subs. Martsman kindly pops back from the future to provide a beautifully technical dnb remix.

DJ Feedback

Leon Vynehall:
"This is brilliant. Terra and Always NV are my picks, though enjoying the whole lot."

Ben UFO:
"Well Street is sick!"

"Very tasty EP! Feeling Terra and Natural XT the most :)"

"Really enjoying it. I played Terra in Tokyo last weekend and it sounded great. Thanks for the music!"

George FitzGerald:
"This is really top-notch. A1 reminds me of best bits of Skull Disco, which is about as high a compliment as I can give."

"Really enjoyed the release... Terra in particular really stood out. Great remix from Martin too, really liking the half speed vibe."

"Lovely :) I really like the A2."

"This record is WICKED. The sound design and production is killer."

"Top quality stuff, really enjoying this! All 4 are sick."

Via Maris:
"Another really beautiful and challenging 12. Real nice variety to the tunes too, Martsman remix is clever too."

"Really digging these, especially Always NV!"



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