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SCSI-9 Squares And Circles

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モスクワのテクノシーンのパイオニアAnton Kubikovと、Maxim MilutenkoのSCSI-9(スカジー9)のニューアルバム。

2010年にレーベル単独リリースの第1弾アーチストとしてSCSI-9もリリースしているイタリアのApparel MusicのサブレーベルAPPAREL TRONICからのニューアルバム。2012年の「Metamorphosis」以来となるアルバム。ミニマルなサウンドをベースに多層にレイヤーされるエレクトロニック、音響構築された、エレクトロニック・ディープハウス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.No Rushsample
A2.You & Mesample
B1.Get Some LFOsample
B2.Stairs & Starssample
C1.Pha In The Hausample
D1.303 Viewssample

An uncompromising return is coming and we, as a label, are extremely proud to host it on our frequencies: the internationally known Russian duo SCSI-9 is back with "Squares And Circles" an 8 track album enclosed in a double vinyl. The 8th record on our elecTronic catalogue is an abstract, geometric but above all analog journey through Anton & Maxim's souls; an identifying concrete work of research which displays the "two-dimensional & mathematical" approach of their connected minds. The whole LP is musically pervaded by all the sound investigations they made throughout the production period and tells us of all their inner perfectionism and willing to strive for a sense, a meaning to give to a solid composition such as this one. Coming to the raw music itself, they succeed in a complex process of making simple what's extremely heterogeneous, embodying the psychological theory of the thought against the speech: it's easier to talk than to think. Well, they talk perfectly through their music which is really difficult to separate into tracks, being such a climax of organic emotions, flowing from the opening "No Rush" with its tight rhythmics and spacey atmospheres to the more low-key and harmonious approach of "You & Me"; rolling on to the firmest and energetic constancy of side B starting with "Get Some Lfo" and slowing down again with the meekest, warm, far-out sensations of "Stairs and Stars": this track is one of SCSI-9's watermarks on the album and it's a drive through an ascendant field of harmonies, peaking at its zenith and oscillating back to a state of peace, letting the last beat taking over. Uncrating the 2nd vinyl we access to the substantial envelope of "Pha In The Hau" and "Systematic", a track that instantly takes us to an unknown region between the moon, Chicago and Ivory Coast, dancing along to some sort of Zaouli tribe percussions. D side brings the perspective to the edge of SCSI-9's universe giving us an even closer look to the landscape they've created with this treasure album. "303 Views" is the last wind storm on the Lake Michigan, touching all the musical influences that come from that specific area of planet Earth while the last blow "Onigiri" is a soft lysergic guided tour on their very own trigonometric asteroid, with no fear of falling off it. "Squares And Circles" is here and is a determined, hard-lined and intransigent statement of what Anton and Maxim want to communicate us with their vibrations, no matter if you don't get the whole point, just plunge into the these waters.



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