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SAFE TRIPを主宰しながら新旧の良質ハウス、エレクトロニックダンスミュージックのマニアックなサウンドを打ち出してきたYOUNG MARCOがISLAND OF THE GODSから、エキゾチカ・エレクトロニックなユニークなリリース。

LN-CC Recordingsでの活動を経て、インドネシア、バリ島を拠点にレーベルを運営しているDan Mitchellの〈ISLAND OF THE GODS〉からYOUNG MARCOのアルバム。彼自身のルーツでもあるインドネシアに、ダンの招待で訪れて録音したアルバムだそうです。ガムランや寺院でのフィールドレコーディング等から、ジョニー・ナッシュ、AARDVARKもゲストミュージシャンとして参加。YOUNG MARCO流エキゾチカ、エレクトロニックを交えて魅力的なアルバムです。 (サイトウ)

In 2014 Young Marco travelled to the islands of Indonesia, visiting several islands within the archipelago including Bali.
The voyage was on invitation by Island of the Gods Records; allowing Marco to im- merse himself in the Indigenous culture that still exists in Indonesia. For Marco it was also a look back to his Indonesian roots, with his late grandfather born and raised in Indonesia.

The brief was to capture the spirit, ambience and atmosphere of the islands as part of the labels ‘Island Explorer’ album series.
The project embodies the ‘east meets west’ approach the label has become known for in regards to cultures colliding. A respectful collaboration between local musicians who have played to their gods, unchanged in thousands of years alongside Marco’s contem- porary expression. They are connected only through the universal language of sound and a mutual willingness to collaborate and experiment.
A number of sessions were arranged- recording gamelan, gong and bamboo musicians from nearby temples. Island instruments and organic sounds meeting Marcos drum machines and synthesizers in a number of improvised jam sessions.

Field recordings were also gathered from Jungles, ocean, wildlife- capturing both the ambient and chaotic side of life in Indonesia.
These sounds and recordings were taken back into Marco’s Amsterdam studio and re interpreted into the Bahasa allbum - a sonic expression that captures the mood and atmosphere of the islands through the eyes and ears of Young Marco.

Almost 5 years after the trip the project is now available!



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