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LONGLOST Take 8 (Kevin Devine / Taraval & Jackie House Remixes)

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西海岸のアンダーグラウンド・ベスト・パーティー、クルー〈HONEY SOUNDSYSTEM〉のレーベルからJUAN MACLEAN(DFA)とLA-4A名義やAMBIVALENT名義でも知られるKEVIN MCHUGHのコラヴォレーションLONGLOST。

HONEY SOUNDSYSTEMから注目のリリース。たんたんとクールなトーンのグルーヴ、シンセサイザーの音色がゆらめき、ブレイクのピアノもビューテイフルなディープトラック「Take 8」。Honey Soundsystemクルーの友人でもあるSSW/ピアニスト、ケビン・ディヴァインによるピアノソロヴァージョンと、FOUR TETのTXTからのリリースで知られるTaravaとHoney SoundsystemクルーJackie Houseのコラヴォレーションによるリミックス収録。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Take 8sample
A2.Take 8 (Kevin Devin Interpretation)sample
B1.Take 8 (Taraval & Jackie House Remix)sample

It is rare that simplicity and recognizability happen in dance music, but ‘Take 8’ is just that. A song so heartfelt and recognizable it demanded its own slab of wax. This expertly mixed and crafted house cut romances listeners into a catchy live piano ditty that could go on for days.

The label decided the piano ​should​ go on and set up NYC classical Pianist and friend of Honey Soundsystem crew Kevin Devine on a blind date with the producers for the A2. Kevin whipped up a compositional response to the original and it was recorded live on a Grand in LA-4A’s studio. Finally, to make it a family affair, Taraval, known for his work of Four Tet’s TEXT, teams up with label co-founder Jackie House for a kraut-no take on the original, fusing vacillating resonant bleeps and robust drums with glimpses of the original’s ethereal sounds.



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