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JOHN BELTRAN Hallo Androiden

<PEACEFROG>から'97年にリリースされたデトロイト〜アンビエント・テクノ名作「FOR CRY」でも知られ、<UBIQUITY>でのクロスオーヴァーなリリースを経て、'00年代以降もオランダの<DELSIN>〜FOUR TETの<TEXT>からシングルをリリースしてきた、デトロイトのベテラン・JOHN BELTRANによる昨年のアルバム「Hallo Androiden」。

Celebrated Detroit composer, producer, sound designer and ambient pioneer John Beltran keeps up a busy 2019 with an expansive new LP on Delsin, his first music on the label since his albums 'Espais' and 'Everything At Once' in resp. 2015 & 2016.

The excellent nine tracker takes you on a trip though his typically serene and beautiful world right form the off. 'Alle Kinder' floats on gentle drums with beautiful synth melodies making for a heavenly atmosphere. The journey commutes through the calming pads and glistening arpeggios of 'A Different Dream', uplifting joys of the 'Himmelszelt' with its mellifluous harmonies and achingly perfect ambiance of 'The Coming Home'. 'One of Those Mornings' washes over you like the sun through a breaking cloud and the brain cleansing, pulse soothing goodness continues though 'It's Because of Her' and the elegant Detroit techno bliss of 'Perfect In Every Way'. The final two tracks close things down with a sense of classy contentedness, subtle celebration and inner joy that Beltran conveys better than anyone.

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Alle Kindersample
A2.A Different Dreamsample
A4.The Coming Homesample
B1.One Of Those Morningssample
B2.It's Because Of Hersample
B3.Perfect In Every Waysample
B4.Beautiful Robots (Ambient Reprise)sample



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