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よろしければ、彼の提唱するニューダンス、EL TOUCHY。ご体験ください。南米アフロ音楽がたどり着いた奇跡。LUIE LUIE。

▼ Tracklisting

1. El Touchy
2. Tastee Touchy
3. Touch Me With All Your Heart
4. Tortilla Touchy
5. Sweet And Tender Touchy
6. Touch Of San Antone
7. Lost
8. Touch Of The Pharaohs
9. Touch Of Light
10. Lord What A Wonderful World

Originally released in 1974, there is nothing like this private-press recording.
LUIE LUIE plays his intimate music beyond the keyboards; past the drums, outside the Trumpet. His galaxy of instruments cannot contain him. His garrulous Guitar strings spellbind you into space... Flamenco flaming. -- Jack Star, President PENSTAR PRODUCTIONS



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