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DISRUPT The Recreation Room

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レゲエ/ラスタファリを象徴する(JAH)と、初期コンピューターゲーム(ATARI)を組み合わせたレーベル名JAHTARIの主宰として知られるDISRUPT。ZONEDOGは、DISRUPT自身によるニューレーベルだと思われます。スタートレックに登場する3Dホログラム映像を作り出す装置「ホロデッキ」のサイファイの概念を受け継ぐというデジタルな視覚的でデジタルなエレクトロニック・サウンド。この辺りもすごく良いです。 (サイトウ)

Cosmic library dub album by disrupt on the new Zonedog imprint, soaked in swirling synths, mind-altering loops and lushly textured polygons.

"The Recreation Room" follows up on the old SciFi idea of The Holodeck, a computer generated reality where space ship crews can get a break from the daily grind – a place where your mind can travel while your arse stays firmly on the couch. Disrupt is taking a closer look at the mechanics behind it, then messes with its deeper controls to optimize the simulation for an intense horizontal experience.

The VR-ready sequel to "Omega Station" (2018 on Jahtari) is a dubbed out piece of Sonic Fiction with a washed out nineties digitality, as seen through layers of tape all the way back to Black Ark – music from a future that already happened.



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