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MANU CHAO Clandestino / Bloody Border

Triple Vinyl + CD edition. 2x 180 G Black Vinyl + a 10″ blue Vinyl. Includes the CD. Gatefold packaging. Limited 2019 edition of ” Clandestino “, remastered for the first time . Triple Vinyl + CD. 2 x 180 Black Vinyl and a Blue 10′’ (+ dedicated printed inner sleeve) with 3 new songs : ” Bloody Bloody Border “, ” Roadies Rules ” & ” Clandestino ” featuring Calypso Rose (2019 version). Includes the remastered CD. Gatefold packaging. Vinyl Mastering and lacquers cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio.

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Clandestino (2:30)sample
A2.Desaparecido (3:47)sample
A3.Bongo Bong (2:38)sample
A4.Je Ne T'Aime Plus (2:02)sample
B1.Mentira... (4:37)sample
B2.Lagrimas De Oro (2:57)sample
B3.Mama Call (2:21)sample
C1.Luna Y Sol (3:07)sample
C2.Por El Suelo (2:21)sample
C3.Welcome To Tijuana (4:04)sample
C4.Dia Luna... Dia Pena (1:30)sample
D1.Malegria (2:55)sample
D2.La Vie À 2 (3:00)sample
D3.Minha Galera (2:21)sample
D4.La Despedida (3:09)sample
D5.El Viento (2:26)sample
E1.Clandestino feat.Calypso Rose (2:41)sample
F1.Bloody Bloody Border (2:54)sample
F2.Roadie Blues (3:11)sample



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