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ZODIAC Serengeti By Night

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BRENDON MOELLERとMONTY LUKEのプロジェクト〈ZODIAC〉。LUKE VIBERT, DMX KREWたちベテランから、次世代のハウス、エレクトロニック・ダンスミュージックの才能をフックして送る〈HYPERCOLOUR〉から。2LP。

ブリストル・アフリカン・エスノ・ダブ、AFRICAN HEADCHARGE、P.I.L.、RHYTHM & SOUND、デトロイト・エレクトロ・レジェンドCYBOTRONあたりの影響を反映したディープサウンド。HYPERCOLOURからフレッシュな才能の登場かと思いましたが、両ベテランの仕事でした。流石。ZODIAC。推薦です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Out Coldsample
B1.Peeking Thrusample
B2.Space Breakssample
D2.Brother Johnsample

Zodiac, a new collaboration between Brendon Moeller and Monty Luke, present a heady brew of sci-fi dub and deep rhythms on a full-length album, ‘Serengeti By Night’.

With meditative roots music at the very heart of ‘Serengeti’, experimental ideas are excavated over ten tracks. Vivid atmospheres are conjured up, as tribal trance, voodoo dub and otherworldly electronics are deployed over rock steady rhythms.

With influences that lie in the musical endeavours of African Headcharge to Rhythm & Sound, Public Image Limited to Cybotron, Zodiac keep the flame burning for exploratory dub-leanings, and deliver an album from the space station above that administers sophisticated braindance sounds that will command repeat listens…



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