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A1. Postdrome sample
A2. Delos sample
B1. Brain Fingers sample
B2. Memory Drum sample

Well Street welcome emerging talent Significant Other to the family with 4 insane polyrhythmic techno tools aimed firmly at the dancefloor.

DJ Feedback
Tessela :
"This is wicked, Delos!"

Joy Orbison :
"More heat from Well Street."

Peach :
"New one sounding reallllllly sick. I really like significant other he's so sick!!! A1 def my fav but B1 a close second."

DB1 :
"Really liked brain fingers!"

George Fitzgerald :
"Quality as ever."

Parris :
"Street on a roll as per usual. Record is sounding wicked, think Brain Fingers may be my favourite of the bunch."

Leif :
"This is sounding great."

Martsman :
"Very cool. Hard to pick a favourite from these, but I think Delos is the one for me."

Peverelist :
"Sounding great."

Loop LF :
"Love the hidden dancehall flavours, sounds rude on my speakers. Great unique sound design."

Re:ni :

Yak :
"Really rating it! Postdrome and Memory Drum are my favourites out of the bunch, I'll definitely be supporting."

Konduku :
"This is fire, another great release."

Yushh :
"Amazing, will be in my bag for a while."

"So good."

Facta :
"Mmmm this is great!"



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