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ACID PAULI Had To Get Rid Of Some Shit

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ACID PAULIニューシングル!捻れた独特の浮遊感。マジカルなエレクトロニックグルーヴ。

THE NOTWISTのメインマンMARTIN GRETSCHMANNのクラブ向けライヴセットとしてスタートし近年はDJセットでもマッド・サイエンティストぶりも評判になっているACID PAULIの3 TRACKS新作12インチ。ユニークにねじれた旋回の「Dancing In The Trunk」、ディープな「Goran Utan」、PINK FLOYDからタイトルを拝借した「Shakmat, but happy (“Pauli’s Psychedelic Breakfast“ Take 9)」。ACID PAULI独特の感じです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Dancing In The Trunk
A2.Goran Utan
B.Shakmat, but happy (“Pauli’s Psychedelic Breakfast“ Take 9)

Acid Pauli is back with another three-track EP on the label he co-manages with friend and collaborator Nico Stojan. This EP, self-effacingly titled ‘Had to get rid of some Shit’, showcases Martin Gretschmann’s dancefloor prowess yet again. ‘Dancing In The Trunk’ is a hyped-up loopy banger - minimal in instrumentation but fully psychedelic in execution. ‘Goran Utan’ has a deeper, darker edge, with a tension that will tighten the grip on many dancefloors. ‘Shakmat, but happy’ appears in ‘Pauli’s Psychedelic Breakfast Take 9′ and is a slow-building, loop-based groover, eventually opening up to reveal tinges of acid.



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