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GROUND Follow Me (incl. Jay Glass Dubs Remix)

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DJ GR0UN土。〈ESP INSTITUTE〉からのニューシングル。JAY GLASS DUBS(Bokeh Versions)のリミックス収録! 

〈ESP INSTITUTE〉からのアルバム「Sunizm」からのシングルカット&JAY GLASS DUBSのリミックス、新曲「Ozone House」。入荷しました。ARIHIRUAとGROUNDがナビゲートするミステリアス・ワールド。 JAY GLASS DUBSのミックスもディープにスタートして、攻撃的変則ジャングル凄い世界に突入する。新曲「Ozone House」アフリカン・リズムのダンスチューン。トライバルチャントとともにピークを迎えます。素晴らしいので聴いてみてください。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Follow Mesample
A2.Follow Me (Jay Glass Dubs Mix)sample
B1.Ozone Housesample

Ground is an Osaka native, but his soul is truly that of a nomad, traversing the planet, befriending kindred spirits found in humans, animals and plants. He is exceptionally receptive to the beauty in everything that surrounds him—the incidental music of a city street, the orchestral chaos of a scrambling radio, the syncopated grace of migrating birds, the simplicity of an isolated hand clap—and as his roadmap continuously unfolds, he accumulates a vast catalogue of visceral tools to musically recount his experiences. 'Sunizm' is a cross section of the artist’s process—an array of complex microcosms overlapping to comprise a thematic whole—gathering field recordings, found instruments, jagged electronics, synthesized chanting, and weaving all into a dense narrative that appears obsessively constructed yet divinely improvised. 'Follow Me', the second of two singles surrounding the album, is complimented with a pseudo drum’n’bass treatment by enigmatic Greek artist Jay Glass Dubs, as well as a massively triumphant b-side entitled 'Ozone House', which is exclusive to this single release. Attention all humans, animals and plants, Ground and the ESP Institute present, 'Sunizm'.



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