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バラフォンの響、アフロ・カリビアンとしての歴史とアイデンティティを忘れるなと歌う。トロピカルなアフロ・サウンド。セルフ・リミックス、PATCHWORKS、Deni-Shain & Mister Franckyのリミックスを収録したEP。

GOTAN PROJECTの〈¡YA BASTA!〉からリリースしていたカリビアン・アメリカンDAVID WALTERSがソロ名義としてはおよそ10年ぶりとなるニューリリース。カリビアンたちが産み出すリズムとグルーヴが最高。リミックスもどれも良い。Heavenly Sweetness 傘下でDJ GUTSが主宰するPURA VIDA SOUNDSから到着しました! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A2.Mama (David Walters Remix)sample
B1.Mama Patchworks Remixsample
B2.MAMA Deni-Shain & Mister Francky Remixsample

Before an upcoming album in 2020 on Heavenly Sweetness, Mama is the first single. A track in which the balafon’s woody resonance, the meditative flute and the female choruses return to the Creole roots of David, recall the memory of his Caribbean grandfather exiled to New York but, above all, a title dedicated to his grandmother, who after the last soaring electro-disco, she comes to declaim the text on the ultimate measures.

David Walters will have thought of it, conceived and realized in close collaboration with Patchworks.
Then, in the wake of the single Mama released in the month of each of them took the title, isolated himself in the studio with instruments and machines to come out only with a total reinterpretation, but especially personal, of the title.

Hammering bass drum and snare drum bursts, David has entrusted the direction of operations to the rhythmic, and it is one after the other that digital elements were invited to
transform the original maternal softness into a boiling soundsystem. Synths their strings on the hum of the bass, the hypnotic power of the riddim remains.

Two remixes, two atmospheres. The Patchworks scene is set in a jazz-funk setting, an heritage from Roy Ayers and Lonnie Liston Smith. Powerful drum, enrobing bass, the Fender Rhodes becomes a soloist, motivated by this irrepressible groove, first become a soloist. And that the meshes leave the hands of the balafon player to pass in those of the vibraphonist.



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