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  • TRILPFR056
  • 3850 yen (税込)プレオーダー

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Ouverture sample
A2. Les règles sample
A3. Sirine sample
A4. Concerto pour batterie et cour de récréation sample
B1. Savana, Céline, Aya (Pt 1) sample
B2-. Savana, Céline, Aya (Pt 1) sample
B3. Your Hands sample
B4. Koh & Sam sample
B5-. Koh & Sam sample
B6. Poltergeist sample
B7. Esatabemakuru sample
B8. Tetris Synths sample
B9. Tetris Crystal sample
C1. I Think the Game (Pt 1)
C2. I Think the Game (Pt 2)
C3. I Think the Game (Pt 3)
C4. I Think the Game (Pt 4)
C5. Dribbles & Beats
C6. Camarades
C7. Rollercoaster (Pt 1)
C8. Rollercoaster (Pt 2)
D1. On Top
D2. I Love Vertigo
D3. Game Rule
D4. Le jeu de la phrase
D5. Wolf Music
D6. Les Anneaux de Saturne
D7. Wolf Music (Finale)
D8. Générique (Benjamin)

Christophe Chassol is reshuffling the deck. After making his name worldwide with three magnificent ultrascore compositions (Nola Che?rie in 2011, Indiamore in 2013 and Big Sun in 2015), working with Solange and Frank Ocean, and playing the most prestigious halls, he’s taking his quest to arrange reality even further with Ludi, his new project that includes an album, film and show. It’s play - an all-important word in music - that underscores this impressive, masterful construction freely inspired by Hermann Hesse’s The Glass Bead Game. Everything is part of the melody: a playground or basketball players in the suburbs, an arcade in Tokyo, a roller coaster, singer Crystal Kay and rapper Kohh. Solo musicians were filmed in rehearsal, like flautist Jocelyn Mienniel and the composer’s partner, drummer Mathieu Edward, who managed to reprise on stage

Chassol drew from the great German author’s utopic book, where music, mathematics, aesthetics and spirituality intermingle, to create a passionate work produced by Bertrand Burgalat’s label Tricatel that once again justifies his special place in the musical landscape.

With Ludi, Chassol directs his own round of Herma



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