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〈L.I.E.S.〉等でお馴染みのPATRICIAことMAX RAVITZがニュープロジェクト〈THE BUNKER NEW YORK〉からシングル・リリース。

モジュラーシンセ、ムーグ・シンセWサイザー等のスペシャリストとして知られるMAX RAVITZのニュープロジェクト。冗談みたいな名前ですが、ハードウェア・フェチ、そしてゲットーハウス好きにはたまらないBOOTYなトラックスで、プライベートに制作したものが、友人から友人の手へと渡り、これを聴いた〈THE BUNKER〉レジデンツのMIKE SERVITOが惚れ込みリリースとなったようです。画一的になりがちなテクノレーベルとは一線を画する〈THE BUNKER〉らしいグッド・リリース。 (サイトウ)

When Max Ravitz created a few tracks under his new alias Pizzaboy, they were never meant to be released. One friend passed them on to another, until the tracks were in the hands of Mike Servito — quickly becoming regulars in his rotation. As the name aptly suggests, Deep Dish is a body-ode to Ravitz’s upbringing in Chicago. Known for his varied production aliases and prolific releases as Patricia, Ravitz finds a vehicle for some of his earliest midwestern influences in this debut release for The Bunker NY.

An avid listener of booty house in his youth, Ravitz gravitated towards the genre’s quintessential jacking energy, but couldn’t relate as much to its lyrics. He says, “I’ve always loved it, but didn’t totally connect with some of the messaging, so the first song I made was me trying to flip the archetype and make consentfocused lyrics.” Deep Dish is an expression of Ravitz’ love for the genre, though he refashions and recontextualizes some of its central characteristics. For example, lyrics from “No Affection,” subvert the standard, sexualized vocal tropes; instead we get “Face up, ass down / Let me pull out your chair / I’m a different kind of man you see / I’m more self-aware.” Deep Dish is booty house for 2020, envisioned through a different, perhaps more sensitive lens. Despite Pizzaboy’s alternate take on booty house, these four supreme cuts are still built for peak-time floors. Baked with just enough acid and heat, Deep Dish is primed to be a dance floor classic, feeding both body and soul.



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