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Edgar Summertyme- aka Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones, former front man of The Stairs and Mercury music prize nominee, returns with a spectacular, colourful and honest album, that yet again redefines this enigmatic Liverpool legend.

After a period of darkness, he has re-emerged with a new Sense of Harmony. The music he has produced on this new album defies category yet obviously comes from the depth of his soul and shines brightly. Soak it all up and wonder how the hell he does it! Truly mind blowing

▼ Tracklisting

1.Sense Of Harmony Part 1 (1:02)
2.On And On (2:33)
3.What's A Boy To Do (3:43)
4.Bye And By (3:30)
5.Sunday Afternoon (3:11)
6.It Can Only Be You (3:27)
7.I Would Do Anything (3:57)
8.What Are We Gonna Do? (3:16)
9.Beep Beep (1:41)
10.Wishing Well (4:11)
11.Look No Words (2:03)
12.Standing On The Verge Of Getting By (1:31)
13.Empty Promises (3:57)
14.Sense Of Harmony Part 2 (4:19)
Japanese Edition Bonus Tracks (4:19)
15.Oh No! (2:24)
16.Afternoon (4:55)
17.People (3:01)
18.All Sense Of Harmony (3:08)



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