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ROMAN FLÜGEL Tracks On Delivery

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ROMAN FLÜGELの00sワーク。Ongaku Musikからリリースされた「Tracks On Delivery」の4部作+ボーナストラックを加えた3LP再発。

イギー・ポップの曲名から引用され、パリ、バルセロナ、ベルリンでROMAN FLÜGELが友人を招き開催したパーティー"SISTER MIDNIGHT"が、時を経てレーベルとして始動。2000年から2002年にかけて〈ONGAKU MUSIK〉からリリースした4部作「Tracks On Delivery」のリマスターに未発表のpattern2曲をボーナストラックを加えた再発。RICHIE HOWTINの伝説のDJミックスアルバム「DE9 | Closer To The Edit」にも使用された「Pattern 7」、レア盤化している00年の第1弾「Tracks On Delivery」。制作期間中に訪れたロンドンのクラブで体験したにアンドリュー・ウェザオールのテクノセットに強いインスピーレーションを得たと自ら語り、フロア機能性と、テクノについての瞑想と思索が込められている。 (サイトウ)

Roman Flügel presents: Sister Midnight!
What started as a party series that saw Roman inviting friends and favorites is turning into a full-fledged label adventure now. Shaped to be the vehicle for old and new Roman Flügel music alike, unreleased surprises and previously released sure shots from the archives, it’s the first time after his involvement in the seminal Playhouse and Klang label universe, that he tends to such an enterprise himself - with the help and support of Running Back records.
Now, the journey of Roman Flügel’s own Sister Midnight label starts with the valuable Tracks On Delivery series. Originally released on the third jewel in the Playhouse crown (Ongaku Musik) from 2000 to 2002, it’s a meditation on and contemplation of techno. Remastered, recut and repackaged as a triple vinyl edition with the addition of two previously unreleased „Patterns“. Pristine sound design, hypnotic wizardry and dry then architecture let all of them appear as if they haven’t aged a day.
Or as Roman says himself:
“I’ve always tried to push myself into new territories since I started music production. Those new territories can surely be achieved by the endless possibilities of inspiration, chaos and will power. At the time of the production of my Pattern series as under the name Tracks On Delivery I was highly inspired by some of Andrew Weatherall’s Techno sets while visiting London for some of his Blood Sugar Parties. Tracks On Delivery is unthinkable without the crude ‚germanic‘ mixture of Detroit labels like Jay Denham’s Black Nation and Weatherall’s own UK Techno imp



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