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フランス領西インド諸島のグアドループ、奴隷貿易の中で産まれたプロテスト・ミュージック、gwokaグウォッカを受け継ぐ80sサウンド。87年の「Dou Van Jou」の再発。カリビアンサウンドと、打ち込み。ミックスワークの凄さ。

JIMMY BLANCHEは、フレンチ・カリビアン、文化的な活動家でパリで、Manu Dibangoやgwoka 伝説のGuy Konketとも共演、作曲家エリック・セラとも交流があり、リュック・ベッソン監督のサブウェィでも演奏しているそうです。フランスLa Bestiole Recordsのハウス・プロデューサーBaerlzによるダブ・エディット的なリミックスも推薦!ジャケの感じも絶妙です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Misik A Moun A Kaz (4:46)sample
A2.Tambou La & Ti Bois La (3:30)sample
A3.La Nou Te Ye (3:55)sample
A4.Dou Van Jou (3:45)
B1.Misik A Moun A Kaz (Baerlz Remix) (7:22)sample
B2.Kimbe (4:07)

Hard to find oddity of the parisian fusion gwoka scene ! Check out the banger 'Misik A Moun A Kaz''

Gwoka is a traditional & protest genre of Guadeloupe, a french West Indies island, usually played with drums ; Jimmy, though, billiantly mixed it with other influences to create his own sound, danceable, spiritual and so 80’s.
Dou Van Jou is one of these mysterious and rare records that deserve to be (re)discovered, as an image of a time when modernity and tradition were brilliantly mixed in the mind of a guadeloupean-parisian artist.

Recorded in 1987, it showcases an original fusion of gwoka, world music, jazz and enthusiastic use of synths. Some songs reached a cult status in the underground: « Misik A Moun A Kaz », a blend of gwoka mendé rhythm, salsa piano and disco bass, was played by Emil Omar and in Air Baer’s Boiler Room set. The pure traditional gwoka « Tambou La & Ti Bois La » became a hit in the Paris-region léwoz, the music and dance events of guadeloupean tradition, that directly come from the Neg Marrons.

Side B contains the unreleased song “Kimbe” that Jimmy kindly gave from his private tape recordings made in the 80’s.

A true cultural activist, Jimmy Blanche organized lots of concerts on the parisian scene, as programmer of La Chapelle des Lombards or at the New Morning. He worked with the gwoka legend Guy Konket and with the huge Manu Dibango, but also with Eric Serra. He incidentally played a role with the latter in cult Luc Besson’s film Subway.



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