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DJ LYCOX Kizas do Ly

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PRÍNCIPEニューリリース。こちらもストック!DJ LYCOX。ぐっとスローダウンしてきました。

レゲトンをJAMES FERRAROがスローダウンしたみたいとも紹介されている「Kizas do Ly」。トロピカルなテイスト、哀愁感、LO-FIさとハイブリッドさが同居した不思議な魅力。新感覚なグルーヴです。PRINCIPE DISCOSやはり面白い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Jam (03:00)sample
A2.Red Lights (02:56)sample
B1.Babygirl (03:26)sample
B2.Hábitos (02:57)sample

Romantic Kizomba lilt from DJ Lycox (Tia Maria Produções), stepping out on his first Príncipe session since 2017 with a strong set for the lovers...
Tending to the slower, more melodic and atmospheric side of the Angolan-Lisbon club equation, ‘Kizas do Ly’ arrives earlier than expected with a payload of sultry rhythms and wavey, dusky vibes that offer a warm glow of hope in testing times.
In four instrumental strokes DJ Lycox lets his fingers sing on the keys with with almost baroque- tight counterpoint between his strolling bass and quizzical top lines in ‘Jam’, while ‘Red Lights’ pulls steel drums, glassy percussion and elegant strings into a swaying style calling to mind a slow smudge of reggaeton and Kwaito tropes done by James Ferraro. ‘Babygirl’ follows on a soft focus, dry-iced flex like Palmistry meets Jan Hammer on a deserted Caribbean beach, and ‘Hábitos’ follows with a more lusting tussle of congas, strings and see-sawing bass bound for lights-up moments on the ‘floor.



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