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SINN SISAMOUTH Groove Club Vol. 4: Sinn Sisamouth

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カンボジア60sクメールロックを代表するSINN SISAMOUTHのコンピレーションが、〈LION PRODUCTIONS〉の「Groove Club」シリーズからリリースされました。

カンボジア、クメールロック/歌謡の黄金期から、クメールルージュによる悲劇を追ったドキュメンタリー「Don't Think I’ve Forgotten」はじめ、カンボジア60s、サイケのコンピでも紹介されているカンボジア60sの最重要アーチスト、国民的歌手、シンガーソングライター、シン・シサモット。キング・オブ・クメールミュージック、カンボジアのエルヴィスともいわれ、コメディアンでもあったそうです。ロ・セレイソティアとの共演も。ガレージロック的なソリッドさ、アジア歌謡、民族音楽や仏教文化の背景も垣間見れる数珠のサウンド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.SINN SISAMOUTH - Rom A Go-Go (A Go Go Dance) (2:55)
A2.SINN SISAMOUTH - Hala Hala (2:54)
A3.SINN SISAMOUTH - Chis Touk Leng Ning Borng (Ride A Boat With Me) (2:46)
A4.SINN SISAMOUTH - Vong Veng Leu Khneuy (Lost On The Pillow) (3:26)
A5.SINN SISAMOUTH - Nov Teh Prathna (Still Wishing) (3:37)
A6.SINN SISAMOUTH - Kom Dach Chet Choal Brong (Please Don't Leave Me) (3:26)
A7.SINN SISAMOUTH - Neuk Oun Chea Nich (Missing You Always) (2:35)
B1.SINN SISAMOUTH - Hean Slab Prous Borng (Dare To Die For Love) (2:42)
B2.SINN SISAMOUTH - Thngay Nis Mdeach Oun Theu Pro Ngeuy (Today You Act So Cold) (3:05)
B3.SINN SISAMOUTH /ROS SEREY SOTHEA - Pka Krohom (Red Flower) (3:26)
B4.SINN SISAMOUTH /ROS HEM SOVAN - Oun Euy Sdab Pkor (Listen To The Thunder) (3:00)
B5.SINN SISAMOUTH - K'out Chheam (Heartbreak) (4:01)
B6.SINN SISAMOUTH - Jot My Raju Reach (The Letter Of Death) (3:21)

"Discovering the wealth of Cambodian recordings was like falling into a parallel universe, complete with its own Elvises, Patsys and Jimis. You can recognize some of the anonymous outstanding instrumentalists as they appear on record after record and marvel at their uncanny blend of Western and Far East, a pure synergy Western musicians have never accomplished. Of course, looming over every recording is the tragic end of the music and the musicians themselves under the axe of the Khmer Rouge, a cloak of darkness hovering over some of the most joyous, festive music ever made. In a world of instant global communication and mass pop culture, Cambodian rock remains one of the few undiscovered secrets of music. Not content with killing the musicians, the government further ordered the destruction of their records, implicitly understanding the power of pop music to create community. It is a testament to the power of Sinn Sisamouth's music that it has survived all that has been done to vanquish it." --Joel Selvin, author/journalist. The first official reissue of these recordings since their initial release as singles. Comes with an 8-page full color booklet with info and photos supplied by Sinn Sisamouth's surviving family.



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