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APPAREL MUSIC、 008。スピリチュアル・ジャズ、レアグルーヴ色濃いトラック含む $ TRACKS。

APPAREL MUSICニューリリース。浮遊シンセ、電子音と、ヴォイス、ワードサンプル。リズム&ベース。現れて消える、ループ、ディレイ、それぞれのシーケンスのタイム感覚が絶妙に世界観を築き上げていく 「008A1」。ベースライン、多層なリズム・レイヤー、ユニークなループ感、黒人奴隷の歴史をうたったヴォーカルを使った圧巻のブラックジャズ008A2。無茶な感じもあってやっぱりおもしろい。008B2等。APPAREL WAX。スリーヴアートは、短時間では切り取り線で切って、どのように使うようになってるのか、全く理解できませんでしたが、購入された方是非じっくり考えたり、調べてきたりしてみてください。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting


The eighth chapter of the Apparel Wax saga brings with it, as always, a multitude of sounds and suggestions. The masked producer always manages to renew himself, bringing something new and special to each record but always remaining faithful to his musical line. APLWAX008 will be released in January and consists of four tracks: the first is a track with a very marked dynamics and is characterized by a solid rhythm section, a bass line that recalls the UK garage, vocal samples and a beautiful harmonic evolution produced by evolving chords. The second track, A2, winks at Jazz and Soul with a production rich in rhythmic virtuosity, keyboard solos and an almost hypnotic vocal loop while the second side starts with B1, which takes us back to an imaginary dancefloor with a powerful beat and airy disco chords. The EP closes with B2 that softens the tones giving a more intimate, classy and deep end, with references to Funk and R&B. In short, an EP that touches many genres while remaining compact as a whole. Another small masterpiece of production and music selection by Apparel Wax. Out in January 2021, to warm up your winter.



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