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LIEVEN MARTENS MOANAのニューアルバム。到着しています。「the Habu」。沖縄のハブをモチーフにした「The Habu snake, an archipelago」の7章を含む3部構成。

Francesco Cavaliere, James Ferraroのリリースが予定されているというポートランドのニューレーベル〈POOLE MUSIC〉の第1弾としてLIEVEN MARTENSのアルバム「the Habu」がリリースされました。プレリュードと、「Suite sentimentale e mini-male」が3章、そして沖縄のフィールドレコーデイングをベースに、 電子音、クラシカル・シンフォニーをコラージュ、プロセスし作曲された大作「The Habu snake, an archipelago」の7章で構成されています。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Prelude (a fragmentary, oriental dream) (6:37)
A2.Suite sentimentale e mini-male I (2:18)
A3.Suite sentimentale e mini-male II (4:03)sample
A4.Suite sentimentale e mini-male III (2:15)sample
B1.the Habu snake, an archipelago I (3:54)sample
B2.the Habu snake, an archipelago II (1:06)
B3.the Habu snake, an archipelago III (1:23)
B4.the Habu snake, an archipelago IV (3:42)
B5.the Habu snake, an archipelago V (2:46)
B6.the Habu snake, an archipelago VI (1:55)
B7.the Habu snake, an archipelago VII (1:45)sample
B8.the Habu snake, an archipelago VIII (2:47)sample

This LP has 3 works.
In the prelude i took up and rejected the proposal of writing the first existing piece of music for Monserrate palace - an unsung place of (touristic) beauty.
A mini-male suite of simple electronic and simulacra melodies.
And a larger piece that takes the Habu snake - an Okinawan pit viper - as its motive. It is a mosaic collection of questions.

"Poole Music is thrilled to announce its inaugural commission, the Habu, the latest full-length from Belgium’s Lieven Martens. For the better part of two decades, Martens has been expanding his Aloha-bedecked musical vision, transitioning from the basement tape environments of his Dolphins into the Future project to the rich compositional tapestries of more recent post-exotica modernist works.

The Habu represents a true culmination of these identities in one of his most ambitious works to date. The album’s three pieces cast an omniverous net that explores those fragile tendriles between imagined and real, natural and fabricated, unity and chaos; concrete sounds enabling abstract inner landscapes. With the ecstatic revelry of Marco Polo returning to his queen, Lieven brings us gems from all corners of the navigable world: tales of an impossibly guilded Portugese palace, a fertility tonic conjured from a poisionous serpent, a simulacrum of Honolulu. At a moment when the world is more geographically isolated than it has been in generations, Martens’ the Habu is a welcome odyssey, a Charybdian travelogue of the psyche. About face." (POOLE MUSIC)



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