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GABRIELLE ROTH & THE MIRRORS Selected Works 1985-2005

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▼ Tracklisting

A1.Night Whisper (5:22) 
A2.Eliana (4:54) 
A3.Nomad (7:46) 
B1.Stefania’s Song (6:45) 
B2.Seducing Hades (7:55) 
C1.Zone Unknown (5:55) 
C2.Silver Desert Cafe (5:34) 
C3.Totem (6:48) 
D1.Dancing Path: Chaos (4:27) 
D2.Labyrinth (5:07) 
D3.Shavasana (8:53) 

GABRIELLE ROTH & THE MIRRORS - Selected Works 1985-2005 : 2LP gallery 0
GABRIELLE ROTH & THE MIRRORS - Selected Works 1985-2005 : 2LP gallery 1

Today, we are launching Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors - Selected Works 1985-2005 on double LP and all digital platforms. We've got some great feedback already and we are very excited to share the whole album with you today.

HUNEE - "Thank you, this is wonderful!!!"
Tako Reyenga (Music From Memory) - "Keep up the good work , i have been really enjoying the TC releases!"
Leo Mas - "It's beautiful, the quality is very high, like in all your releases, congratulations, you are fantastic!"
ZAKIA (NTS Radio) - "I am a secret 5 Rhythms fan so this is quite literally music to my ears! Amazing!"
Matt Werth (RVNG Intl.) - "Whew… This is incredible!"
Toshiya Kawasaki(mule musiq) - "I love the release!"
Chris Coco - "This is fantastic. I’ll definitely play some on my Melodica show next week"
Phil South (Golf Channel) - "So looking forward to checking this out!"
Switchdance - "Amazing album! Thank you a lot for this."
DJ Sundae - "Thanks a lot for sending over this super great promo, very like it!"
rRoxymore - "Wow thank you so much, for sending me this promo ! looking forward to dig into the record. Hopefully I will be able to cope a copy."
Ale Cohen (dublab) - "Amazing! we'll add it to our March rotation"
Alasdair King (Ransom Note) - "Woah this is amazing, thanks for sharing, will play!"



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