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THE SOUNDSTEALERS / AMAZONIA Steal It An' Deal It / Amazonia (incl. Good Block Remix)

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ヒップホップ、サンプリングミュージックの面白さを世に知らしめたCOLD CUTによる金字塔「 Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness)」へのアンサーソング、翌88年にリリースしたその名もTHE SOUNDSTEALERSの「Steal It An' Deal It 」。NEW BEATの流れなども汲みユニークなトラック。同プロダクションチームが絡んだ92年のAMAZONIAとのカップリング再発。信頼のDJたちが絶賛のGood Blockのリミックス(sampl2)収録しています。

UK STREET SOUL、Special Touchの再発で幕開けたHEELS & SOULS RECORDINGS第2弾。フランクフルトの様々なプロジェクトを手がけたCapony=Manfred Holz、Jürgen Blömke, Michael Buchner達によるプロダクションチームによる2つのプロジェクトTHE SOUNDSTEALERS / AMAZONIA。擬似エキゾチカ、セルフリリースが注目されてきたロンドンのデュオGood BlockのリミックスB-SIDE「Amazonia (Good Block Remix)」(sample2)を筆頭に、MISTER SATURDAY NIGHTのEamon Harkin、Mr. Scruff、Tim Sweeney、Yu Su、Ruf Dug etc...がプレイ、アーリーフィードバックを返している一枚です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.The Soundstealers - Steal It An' Deal It (Sahara Dance Mix) (05:33)sample
A2.The Soundstealers - Steal It An' Deal It (Sahara Dub Mix) (04:57)sample
B1.Amazonia - Amazonia (Dance Mix) (05:51)sample
B2.Amazonia - Amazonia (Good Block Remix) (07:08)sample

Following the success of Special Touch - Garden of Life, Heels & Souls Recordings kick off their 12” reissue series with an EP of digger delights from Frankfurt’s under-the-radar production trio of Manfred Holz, Michael Buchner and Jürgen Blömke, complete with a tropical rework from London duo, Good Block.

One side contains the instantly absorbing, late '80s electro nugget, 'Steal It An' Deal It', from the aptly named The Soundstealers. Cruisin the slow lane at 100BPM, an idiosyncratic blend of samples, sound effects and percussive flourishes, underpinned by chest rumbling bassweight, guarantees dancefloor bedlam whether drawing for the dance or dub mix.

On the flip, you’re treated to obscure acid chugger ‘Amazonia’. Originally created for the opening credits of a ‘90s German nature documentary ‘Wunder Wildnis’ (seriously), the breakbeat-driven dance mix stomps through the undergrowth, acidic arps and pan flutes fizzing across the forest canopy. Heels & Souls pass the baton to London’s Good Block for the home stretch, the tropical twosome reworking the bassline and sprinkling some synth wizardry for a remix that grooves off over the horizon.

These hard-to-find, pricey gems have been fully licensed from the trio, with weighty remasters courtesy of Cicely Balston. 20% of profits from Heels & Souls Recordings and Prime Direct Distribution will be donated to Papyrus, a UK charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide.



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