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CHAPEAU CLAUDETTE Fashion C'est La Latest Attraction

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〈Into The Light〉のインターナショナル・シリーズ。アフリカン・アメリカンの写真家、映画監督、帽子デザイナーから、ボーカルに転身したクローデット・アウトランド(別名:シャポー・クローデット)が、ストリート・ソウルにインスパイアされ1991年に発表したシングルの再発!

ベルリンの壁崩壊から、東西ドイツの統一の流れに強く影響を受けたと言う、91年のケルンでのプロデュース、録音。イギリスのSTREET SOULにインスパイアされ、フランス語と英語でのラップ、歌とシンセサイザー。B-SIDEは当時のシングルB-SIDEに収録されていた曲の未発表の別バージョン。「Pass Auf (Kifissias Ave Dub)」。SOUL II SOULや、MASSIVE ATTACK、ミドルスクールにもつうじるようなアップビート、STREET SOUL。シンセやギターなんかのアレンジも絶妙。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Fashion C'est La Latest Attractionsample
B.Pass Auf (Kifissias Ave Dub)sample

Having previously focused on inspiring new music from around the world, Into The Light’s ongoing International Series is set to step back in time with its’ first ever reissue: a new edition of a street soul-inspired 1991 single from African-American photographer, film-maker and hat designer-turned-vocalist Claudette Outland AKA Chapeau Claudette.

Outland’s sole single is in many ways an unlikely curio – one of the tracks featured a rap inspired by German reunification, and the other was a stylish celebration of the relationship between fashion and music – but one that has undoubtedly stood the test of time. Musically inspired by a mix of late-‘80s work, British street soul and glassy-eyed European synth-pop, the double A-side was produced and mixed by Cologne studio engineer Jurgen Garbitowski, and subsequently released on his own short-lived label, Gato.

‘Fashion c’est la latest attraction’, which originally adorned the A-side of the 12” version of the single, is a slow-motion, hip-hop tempo affair in which Outland whispers, sings and raps in English and French over smooth, groovy bass, crunchy street soul beats, chiming synthesizer melodies and dreamy, glassy-eyed chords. Some of the melodic flourishes recall the new age synthesizer sounds of the 1980s, while the track’s bubby groove also boasts subtle nods towards lovers’ rock

For this reissue edition of the single, Into The Light has secured a previously unreleased “dub edit” of ‘Pass Auf’, the reunification-inspired rap track that first scored her a studio date with Garbitowski. More up-tempo with weightier bass, house-style piano riffs, sampled horns, funky guitar riffs and bustling, club-ready breakbeats, the track casts Outland as Berlin’s answer to Neneh Cherry. All these years on, the record remains as funky, joyous and celebratory as ever!



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