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VARIOUS ARTISTS Jazz Montez Presents Vol. I

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Marko Mebus Quintett - Movement (05:22)sample
A2.Conic Rose - Babyghosts (03:59)sample
A3.Moses Yoofee Trio - Neerg & Der (06:21)sample
A4.Bokoya - Summer of Love / White ‘67 (04:07)sample
B1.Wanubalé - Breaki (06:17)sample
B2.Linntett feat. Laura Totenhagen - Earth (06:52)sample
B3.Blue Lion feat. Lina Knörr & Tony Lakatos - After (04:04)sample

Jazz Montez is a music collective from Frankfurt, Germany dedicated to spreading the gospel of jazz throughout the universe. To them, jazz does not describe a particular style of music but an attitude, mindset and an approach to art and life that can manifest itself in a variety of ways. For their first vinyl release, they invited seven of the most talented and ambitious young groups from all over Germany to Frankfurt to record a track in the renowned studio Lotte Lindenberg. Despite the band’s various influences, ranging from classic jazz, afrobeat and funk to hip hop, electronic music and rock, “Jazz Montez Presents Vol. I", mixed in its entirety by Drum&Bass legend Kabuki, works as a cohesive album. Pressed on high quality 180g vinyl, the record comes packaged in a beautiful and eco-friendly bagasse gatefold cover, designed by artist Clara Sipf. It features a 20 page booklet that includes a comic on the making of the album, texts by and information on the participating musicians, an interview with the sound engineers and an essay on the contemporary relevance of jazz. May this record inspire us to go through life guided by a spirit of open-mindedness and collaboration so that we may create a better, healthier and more beautiful world.



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