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Metal Box期のPublic Image LimitedやSparks, Mike Oldfieldでもドラムを務めたDavid Humphreyが結成し、81年にリリースしたレアBRIT FUNK.

BRIT FUNKを代表する「Southern Freeez」の数ヶ月後に、同じヴァイン・ヤード・スタジオで、同じエンジニアのサイモン・サリヴァンを起用して録音されるも、宣伝、配給力のなさにほとんど知られずに終わった幻のブリット・ファンク。現在中古市場でも数万円の値をつけている人気の一枚が再発。甘め中性的なヴォーカル、熟練のグルーヴ、プロダクションの素晴らしさ。B-SIDEはインスト、ダブFX、パーカション、タブラなども挿入されたヴァージョンでこちらも見逃せません!メロディライン、ダブとかの感じも「Rock The Csthbah」も思い出す。是非。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A.Funny Situationsample
B.Funny Situation (Version Two)sample

Paint A Picture are incredibly pleased to announce news of their first release: a fully remastered, licensed reissue of rediscovered British 7” Funny Situation recorded by Reflex - a band put together by drummer David Humphrey (Public Image Ltd., Sparks, Mike Oldfield) and privately released on his Star Records back in 1981. With the original record now changing hands for in excess of £200 and just in time for a 40th anniversary release the reissue - remastered and cut by Frank Merritt at The Carvery - will include updated original artwork whilst also containing an insert providing further details and context on the release.

Recorded a few months after seminal Britfunk tune "Southern Freeez" at the very same Vine Yard Studios and with the same engineer Simon Sullivan - the release unfortunately suffered from a lack of marketing and proper distribution but almost forty years later the record is now receiving the attention it deserves and with a price tag to match.

The A side presents a beautiful mesh of funk and soul styles with influence from other Britfunk bands of the time but with a more overt jazz and rock feel fusing a tight rhythm section with smooth vocals and climaxing in a guitar and saxophone duel.

The instrumental Version Two provides a fresh approach with the addition of dub FX and Indian percussion with the use of a tabla added to the mix.



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